About me

Life is like an endless road and so are we.

The possibility of describing someone can be compared to an attempt of describing the universe - no matter what we say will only be a fraction of it. We can only continue walking the road on the neverending quest for knowledge.



I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in the summer of 1980.

I spent my early years living home and abround in former Yugoslavia, while studying in various Russian Diplomatic Schools. The years until my graduation were marked by the rapid changes occuring in the region and the incredible diversity of culture, mentality, history and tradition, found accross the Bolkans - a place under the sky, which is well know for it's controversal reality and hardly regarded for it's collosal past and contribution to history.

I have studied World Economics, as well as Business Administration in various Universities home and abroad.

Somewhere accross the lines of school benches and student life carelessness i have discovered a true passion for technology and ever since have been involved professionally in high-end technological projects related to telecommunications.

Alongside of this passion, i have as well in my early ages discovered a true passion for playing with words and imagination, which is often regarded as writing.

I am married, and have two sons.

If you would like to find out more, walk alongside the road with me.